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Peter Lennon retired as a Major General from the United States Army having served in command of forces around the globe.  He was long recognized as a leader in the field of logistics, retiring in 2008 as the Deputy Director of the Defense Department’s Transportation Engineering Agency, and later as the Deputy Commander of the Nation’s 200,000-Soldier Army Reserve Command. 

After nearly 40 years of military-related service, Pete and his wife, Elaine, re-established their Central New York roots and quickly started their next phase of public service.   Pete now lends his planning and management expertise to both national boards and local organizations in an effort to 1) re-energize the local economy, and 2) prepare the workforce to “compete and win” in the evolving economic environment.

His vision is of a” vibrant and integrated economic ecosystem”, rather than the “fragile”, single-industry-based model embraced by so many leaders and legislators searching for a quick win or “photo-op”.   His approach is simple: More “public-private partnerships”, collaborations, and incentives, and less dependence on the bloated network of poorly managed, innovation-killing government entitlement programs. 

In the spring of 2021, Pete was elected Mayor of the Village of New Berlin on a write-in ballot.  Although he never competed for this position, he has taken it on with vigor, working to generate greater citizen engagement and build a safer, modern physical infrastructure.  In a few short months, he has identified and begun to leverage many previously untapped resources that will be foundational to the Village’s movement forward.  More importantly, residents are starting to echo Pete’s belief in their hometown and share his enthusiasm for its future. 

In addition to his board and mayoral duties, Pete mentors area youth, helping them to recognize their strengths and inspiring them to “become engaged”.  His approach builds trust, innovation, and accountability. His optimistic “can do” attitude is contagious, encouraging those around him to work together, work hard, be creative, and be accountable.  For decades, his belief that “NO” really stands for “New Opportunity” has helped him build resilient, mission-focused, and highly successful individuals and teams.

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